Hello! I’m Joey and I’m a software developer.

About me

Hi! I’m Joey, a software developer specialising in training and simulations, including on virtual reality projects. I have an interest in serious games and user experience.

I am currently a developer working on Immersive Learning Tech projects for training in the land transport industry.

Prior to this, I studied Computer Science & Game Design at DigiPen Singapore, and have worked at companies operating in the e-learning and simulations field in the past.

For additional details on my experience and education, please contact me for a copy of my resume, or take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Other things I do on the side

I have an interest in the local public transport system. Some of my projects reflect this, and I am also a member of the Land Transport Authority’s Friend of Land Transport programme1.

Since 2018, I have been a moderator on the official Rainbow Six Discord server, which now has grown to over 500k members. I help with server moderation, developing moderation bots and tools, and writing for the game news channels.

I help run N3FS, which is a community with a Minecraft server.

Elsewhere on the internet…


My contact details are available on the Contact page.

About this site

This site is generated with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Content is written in Markdown, and the site uses a custom theme which I designed.

  1. I’ve not realised this before, but I’m in one of the photos on the page, next to the bus in the back!